Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Internet Connection Problem

The internet at home is down for a few days already, the internet provider just said that there was a restoration going on and could not give an estimate time on when it will be available again. For people who are in Long Distance Relationships, I know you guys will understand on how horrible the situation is for me. It felt like my world stop turning. The first couple of days, I have to contented myself with text messages ... but its quiet different if you get to talk real time with your love one.

SMARTBRO prepaid plug-it kit
I got convince to avail a wireless broadband to end my misery. There are other telecommunication companies who offer this but I went for SmartBro by Smart Telecommunication company mainly because it was recommended to me by my brother and other friends who personally tried it themselves. There are several kinds of SmartBro available in pre-paid or post-paid plans. I opted for the SmartBro prepaid plug-it kit, since (I hope) that the internet at home will be fix soon. I thought this is a good temporary fix. 

The content of the
 SMARTBRO prepaid kit
The kit costs me 1,245php and is pre-loaded with 120 hours internet airtime valid for 5 days. It's so easy to use: Just insert the sim card in the USB slot, then plug it in your laptop and you are ready to go. There is a manual included in the kit just incase you need. This is a pay-to-use type so you needed to load it after using up all the internet airtime. Their lowest rate is 10php for every 30 minutes. They also offer "unlimited" use where their highest rate is 200php good for 5 whole day. Not bad, right?

I am a computer noob and can only tell you that the connection was good enough for my daily activities which includes checking my emails and my social network account, chat and video call via yahoo messenger, and surfing online.

Indeed,  I regret not getting the wireless internet service sooner. It would have save me and my boyfriend the frustrations. But at least now, I do not need to worry about that anymore.

I am not an affiliate of Smart. For any inquiry regarding their services, products or promos, kindly redirect yourself to their official website. I am not paid to write this and have only express myself based on what I experience.

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