Friday, August 2, 2013

A1 Certificate -- Do they have expiration or not?

Recently, there was a big debate whether the A1 Certificate have an expiration date or not. The A1 Certificate is a requirement for those who are applying for Fiancee visa or Family Reunion Visa to join their partners here in Germany.

To get a definite answer: I wrote an e-mail to Goethe Makati & another one to German Embassy Manila regarding this. Here are the screenshots of their respective replies:

~~~ Reply of the ~~~
Goethe-Institut Philippinen, Language Department

~~~ Reply of the ~~~
German Embassy Manila, Visa Section
With this, we can conclude that the A1 Certificate have no expiration date, BUT, the German Embassy Manila requires that the said certificate should not be more than a year old. Maybe similar to our NSO CENOMAR / CEMAR that they have a  certain validity period after day of print out. 

For further & more specific questions, kindly redirect your concerns to the German Embassy Manila as they are the best individuals to clarify & confirm answers. 

Good luck to you all!