Thursday, August 11, 2011

Umlaut for the English Keyboard

Here is the list of the Special German letters that is not available in the English Keyboard:

  •      Ä     =     ALT0196  
  •      ä      =     ALT132 or ALT0228
  •      Ö     =     ALT0214
  •       ö     =     ALT0246
  •      Ü     =     ALT0220
  •      ü      =     ALT129 or ALT0252
  •      ß      =     ALT0223, ss
  •      €      =     ALT0128, euro currency  
To use the code:
  1. While pressing down the ALT key from your keyboard, key in the number code.
  2. Release the ALT key and viola! The Special Character will appear.
Good luck!!!

P.S. Be sure your keyboard have the NUMLOCK on. You will know this if the keyboard indicator for this is lighted.

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