Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Visa Approval part 2

The German Embassy Manila contacted me through email though I heard some got theirs via phone call or snail mail. It must be case-to-case basis again.  I was ask to submit the following:

1. Printed copy of the email

2. Valid Passport

3. Planned date of arrival in Germany
-- I just wrote an informal letter informing them my arrival date in Germany. They did not demand any e-ticket copy from me.


I was given 2 choices on how to submit the documents:

1. Personally show up at the German Embassy during office hours.

2. Call the call center of the Embassy and request for courier pick up.
-- You can actually send the required documents through your choice of courier, however, the Embassy do not guarantee the timely printing & releasing of your visa.


I choose to call the Embassy's call center. They gave me instructions on what to do & gave me a pick up date of my documents. Including the day it was picked up from me until the day I received my passport with Visa print in it -- it took only 5 working days in total. Fast service indeed!

Other Facts:
-- the official courier of the German Embassy is Air 21.
-- Fee for round ticket of document (to-&-fro German Embassy) costs 320php and is payable upon pick up of your required documents.
-- Fee for one way (from German Embassy) to your place is 160php and must be paid upon delivery.

Hope it helps!

Happy Leap Year!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visiting the Philippines & Extension of Stay

If your friend(s), partner or yourself is planning to visit & experience the Philippines: Mabuhay!!! Bonus to those who are coming from the Europe Union, USA or countries such as Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the likes -- great news & you do not need to apply for visa if you are staying for 21 days or less. That's right! You don't need to get a visa!

Just bring your travel passport with you & upon reaching the Philippines, the Immigration Officer will give you a Visa-upon-Arrival by stamping on it. This is good for 21 days. So cool, huh? But maybe you would want to know: what to do if you wanted to stay longer than 21 days? where to go?

You can go to the Bureau of Immigration offices to apply for an extension good for another 38 days.  The good news is that their offices are not limited to Metro Manila only & they have a list of subport offices that is nationwide!

You just need to bring the following:

1. Passport
-- Photocopy the information page (where your picture is located) & the last arrival stamp page.

2. Fee amounting to 3,030php
-- This is a "one-pay-fits-all" thing. Irregardless if you use up the entire 38 days or not, this is the standard amount to pay. On our case, my husband only used up 2 days out of the 38 days extension time.

The Alien Control Officer will stamp & signed your passport & will give you a receipt. It is important that you bring the receipt with you when you are about to leave the Philippines to avoid paying further fines/penalties. You can also visit The Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines official website for further information.

So yes, enjoy your stay here. Its more fun in the Philippines!***

*** Current slogan of the Philippine to boost tourism.

Good news & instead of the ''21 days'' allowable stay in the Philippines without a visa, they now extend this for 30 days! You just need to make sure that your friend have: (1) valid tickets for their return journey to port of origin or to the next port of destination, and (2) passport valid for 6 months beyond the contemplated period of stay in the Philippines. Happy planning!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Visa Approval

My apologies for the delay of posting & I was stunned at the wonderful news (still am actually). I was contacted by the German Embassy Manila, Visa division via e-mail. They instruct me to send my passport, date-of-arrival to Germany & an option on how to send my passport to their office for the visa printing. I have not done any of those yet as my husband & I are still planning on our trip. I will write another post regarding how I send mine.

My visa was approved within a month since I applied & had my interview at the embassy. My husband did not follow up the Alien office at all as on the letter they send him, it was written that they prefer you do not make any follow up. Well, yes, you can but then you just get to hamper their work by needing to explain things for you and so on. They did send my husband a letter explaining that they have already "decided" on my case & have send back my documents to the German Embassy in Manila. However, due to their policies, they cannot reveal their answer: if yes or no. Simply put that not necessary mean they send their approval that the Embassy in Manila will no longer ask for additional documents. Yes, this do happens in certain cases.

In my case, I would consider myself lucky as there were no additional documents that were ask of me, nor did I undergo any "document checking". Most cases that I learn from my acquaintances that they were required for document checking: Some were already asked of this when their husband were getting their Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage document. While the others were ask of this after applying for their visas. I would think it is best to assume still that everyone is required to have their documents checked, so not to raise false hope.

Wishing the people who are waiting for their visas good luck & a speedy process.

And for those who are jumping in joy in learning their visas are already approved... Congratulation!!! Happy planning!