Friday, December 16, 2011

NSO Marriage License Waiting Time

As promised, here is my update:

It is only today that I got the chance to go to our NSO to check if my marriage license is already online or not. And indeed, it is already available! Yippeeee! Today is the 31st day since we went to file/register our marriage license. I truly feel relived!

The fee I paid are:
NSO Marriage Certificate -- 140php/each
NSO CEMAR -- 195php/each

The NSO Marriage Certificate is a scanned copy of your Marriage Certificate which you have submitted for registration. This is printed on a security paper (SECPA) colored yellow. On the other hand, CEMAR (also a Certificate of Marriage) is a certification letter by the NSO stating that your records are found in their system. This is also printed in SECPA colored yellow. To get the CEMAR, I filled up a form for a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) and submitted this. Once they see in their system that you are married, they automatically print you a CEMAR.

This is all for now. Good luck with yours and hope its not a long wait too!


  1. HI, do I have to go to a NSO branch to get a CEMAR? or can I order a CEMAR online? thank you!
    if you would be kind enough to answer my query.. please email me... thank you very much!

  2. Hi i was once forced to marry someone even my our age is not valid to get marry, i ws 18 and the lady was 17 years of age. They falcificate our age and became 21 and 20. Now i have it all annulled and the marriage was dissolved. But when i get cenomar my name is still in the system. Is this will affect my coming marriage with a german citizen lady. At the moment we are fulfilling documents we need for wedding permit

    1. Hi anonymous,
      Thank you for dropping by. Sorry and we do not have the same situation. Are you going to marry in PH or here in Germany? If in PH, go inquire your situation with the local civil registry office where you plan to apply for the marriage license. If in Germany, have your German partner ask standesamt regarding this. I am not sure if there is additional steps needed after having the marriage in PH annulled. Best of luck to both of you !