Monday, November 21, 2011

Registering Your Marriage License

Congratulation on your wedding!

Your big day is now over and its time to file your Marriage License!

It is true that when you get your Marriage License that you can marry anywhere in the Philippines. But what most people do not know that when you have your wedding ceremony elsewhere that you need to have your Marriage License register at the nearest Registrar office from where it was held.

On my case, I had a destination wedding. While it is true that if you hired a Reverent to solemnize your wedding that he will be the one who should be filing at the Registrar office, I took the responsibility off him as the location is far from our city of origin. With this, my husband and I travel long hours to go to the Municipality Office nearest to our wedding location.

Along with the signed Marriage License and other supporting documents, we passed all these to the officer-in-charge who took her time in checking all the documents (spellings and so on). She will have the copies printed and signed. In total, we paid 175php for the process of documents and another 100php for the mailing of document to the nearest Regional NSO for the "electronic endorsement". You will be given a courier receipt with their transmittal which will serve as attachment along with your original Marriage License copy. This is for the purpose in following up NSO whether your copy is ready for SECPA printing.

Since I personally filed it, I was given another copy for the Reverent which will serve as his file copy.

I was told that the waiting period is 2 months. This is contradictory to what most say that 1 month waiting time is possible. But just the same, I think I wanted to try my luck on the 1 month. I will just post an update regarding the waiting time.

Good luck with yours!

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