Sunday, January 15, 2012

Interview at the German Embassy Manila

There are 2 German Embassy in the Philippines: One in Cebu while the other one in Manila specifically in Makati City. And from time to time, the good Consul have appointment trips to Davao. However, all visa transactions are redirected to the main office which is in Manila.

So, after your Visa Appointment experience, the other things you need to do are:
-- plan/schedule your trip to the Embassy carefully.
-- book your plane ticket (if applicable)
-- book your accommodation (if applicable)
-- photocopy your documents as instructed from the website.

Here are some pointers that you might find useful:

1. Appointment time
-- Do not underestimate the traffic of Manila.
-- Do not be late or they will forfeit your appointment and will advise you to call the call center to set for another appointment.
-- They will only allow you to enter the German Embassy if you are there before 30 minutes but not more than your appointment time. If you are too early, they will ask you to come back later as no loitering allowed in that floor. But hey, better already in that building than stuck somewhere else in traffic.

2. Complete documents please
-- You read it on their website, heard it from your friends and they are all true: they will only accept/process your documents if they are complete. I did not see any photocopier during my trip there, so please, have them photocopied before hand as specified in their website.
-- Organize your documents in a plastic envelope or folder as they will ask to leave your other stuffs behind.
-- If you have questions, you can write it down and ask the representative about it after the interview.

3. You represent yourself
-- You cannot bring your friends or family with you inside the 25th floor of the RCBC building. There is a smoking area which doubled as a waiting area which they can go to at the ground floor. Unfortunately, there was no other option that I saw during my trip there.
-- Their representatives are fluent in German, English and Tagalog. So, be yourself and choose the language where you are most comfortable with.

4. Items beware
-- They do not allow cellphone into the Embassy. They do have a locker where you can leave it behind.
-- Do bring a pen with you for additional things you might need to sign.

You have nothing to worry about regarding questions to be ask as they are basic questions about you and your partner. They will inform you what is the next step, what to expect and what to do. So, breath easy!

Hope it helps! Good luck!!!

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