Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Visa Approval part 2

The German Embassy Manila contacted me through email though I heard some got theirs via phone call or snail mail. It must be case-to-case basis again.  I was ask to submit the following:

1. Printed copy of the email

2. Valid Passport

3. Planned date of arrival in Germany
-- I just wrote an informal letter informing them my arrival date in Germany. They did not demand any e-ticket copy from me.


I was given 2 choices on how to submit the documents:

1. Personally show up at the German Embassy during office hours.

2. Call the call center of the Embassy and request for courier pick up.
-- You can actually send the required documents through your choice of courier, however, the Embassy do not guarantee the timely printing & releasing of your visa.


I choose to call the Embassy's call center. They gave me instructions on what to do & gave me a pick up date of my documents. Including the day it was picked up from me until the day I received my passport with Visa print in it -- it took only 5 working days in total. Fast service indeed!

Other Facts:
-- the official courier of the German Embassy is Air 21.
-- Fee for round ticket of document (to-&-fro German Embassy) costs 320php and is payable upon pick up of your required documents.
-- Fee for one way (from German Embassy) to your place is 160php and must be paid upon delivery.

Hope it helps!

Happy Leap Year!!!

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