Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Claiming my Residence Permit ID card

So happy to finally have internet. My apologies for the delay of update. Now, let us discuss about getting the Residence Permit Id card. 

After applying for the extention of visa, we received a letter from the Alien Office that my card is already for pick up. In the letter, we were instructed to make an appointment to get it. 

It's time to go back and visit the Ausländerbehörde (Alien Office). We no longer need to sign up for the appointment (as we already done that over the phone). We simply need to go there earlier than the appointment time and then wait for our name to be called. And true, we were called in on time. 

The Alien Office guy will give you a quick introduction of the Resident Permit Id card (I got to say this but the ID card is really good looking). I was reminded that I need to bring it with me wherever I go and that I still need to bring my passport with me. In the Id card, you will see all your basic informations of yourself and it included the expiration date of your visa. The visa extention time differs from city to city -- some have longer duration stay. Futhermore, this is also dependent on what kind of visa you have. To know more about this, just click here  for my previous link.

Congratulation and enjoy your stay here in Germany! 

Until next time, regards!!!


  1. Hi again! . Did u got married in Germany or in the Philippines? How long does it take to get the residence permit? And how long does it last?

    1. Hi again Sparkling Venus,
      Thank you for the questions.
      We are married in the Philippines. It took us one month to get a call from the Alien Office that my Residence Permit card is ready for pick up. The length of the visa varies from city to city. At least with mine it was one year and a half (where I was told that is the norm in the city where I am living in) when I applied for the first time (some are lucky and had three years right away, & there are some who got only exactly a year). It really depends. Good luck with yours. :)

  2. Wow! thank u so much for the info! I'll be contacting u again soon ;) Godbless..