Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Part 3, Visiting the Civil Registry Office (Standesamt)

Welcome to the last round!

This must be one of the thrilling part of the document battle for your partner, registering your marriage. They can change their tax classification, which simply means, lower tax pay for them. Let's face it, the taxes here are expensive!

As usual, this is a first-come-first-serve basis system unless you have an appointment.

Please take note while I was applying for my Family Reunion Visa in the Philippines, I was not subjected to document checking. I wanted to quote myself from my previous topic that it is best to assume that everyone who is applying for Family Reunion Visa or Fiancee Visa is subjected to document checkings. Read on to find out why I needed to quote myself now.

These are the things asked from us:
1. My Passport
2. My One (1) Passport size ID picture
3. My Resident Registration paper or the Anmeldebestätigung (given by the Ortsamt authorities)
-- Read Part 1 on how to obtain this.
4. NSO Birth Certificate*
5. NSO Marriage License*
* I attached a translation of these although it was not asked from me.
6. NSO Certificate of Marriage (CEMAR)
7. My husband's ID card passport or the Ausweis
-- Make sure that the home address are uptodate
8. Certified copy of my husband's Birth Certificate
-- This is taken from the registry where he was sign up after birth.
9. Profile Copy of my husband
-- taken from the Ortsamt. See Part 1.
-- must be uptodate.
10. Certification to allow & pay them processing fee of document checking
-- Fees: 190€ for processing fee + 10€ for postal fee
-- This is the same document checking where most was subjected to when they are applying for their Family Reunion Visa or Fiancee Visa.
-- Please note that I do know someone who were not ask for the document checking ever. It is safe to assume that this differ from Standesamt to Standesamt.

We are done... for now! It's back to the waiting game where they will just send a letter when all the necessary process are done. Until next time!!!



  1. kaya lang po ba sa loob nang isang araw ang pag file nang mga document's na ito??, one more thing pa po about the marriage certificate, kung sa germany magpapakasal how long po pa ang hihintayin para makuha ang marriage certificate??..

    1. Hi ms Kris & thank you for dropping by.
      Unfortunately, our situation is different as we were married in Ph & not here in Germany. So whether similar requirements needed or not -- I cannot confirm right now. Having said this, I have no knowledge as well on how long do you need to wait for your marriage certificate if married here in Germany. Anyway, congrats sa wedding nyo & good luck sa paper battles nyo. :)

  2. Hello I would like to ask if after this Civil registry what will be the next move??, and what will be the first thing to do after the marriage in Germany??..

    1. Hello ms Belle,
      Actually situation ko is sa PH kami nag asawa. Paperwork namin started with Ortsamt, Ausländerbehörde (alien office) then Standesamt (cityhall) --in this order. Unfortunately no idea ako pano naman if dito sa Germany yung wedding. But definitely you need to contact Ausländerbehörde (kinda reporting to them na tapos na kayo mag asawa here). Sorry if I am not much of a help right now. Good luck !!!