Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going Balikbayan mode to the Philippines

Wondering what to do when you decided to go back home to the Philippines with your husband for a vacation? Just want you to know that I also wonder the same thing! So, I went to ask an online friend of mine who just recently did just that!

This topic may only apply to people who came from the Philippines then decided to go back home for a vacation. If you are still interested, read on.

Upon arrival to the Manila airport, my friend just simply presented her passport & her husband's (non-filipino) passport to the Immigration officer on the same time. Her non-filipino husband can get one (1) year stay in the Philippines. This is his perks for marrying a filipina.

For those who still uses their maiden name, it is best that you bring a copy of your marriage certificate as proof that both of you are really married.

Going back to Germany, she only need to present her Residence Permit ID card & her passport. They will no longer look for a CFO sticker. The fees she needed to pay are: (1) Travel tax worth 200php & (2) Terminal fee.

Upon reaching Germany, again, she only need to present her Residence Permit ID card & her passport.

At least with her experience, they spend around 2 months in the Philippines.

Incase you are planning to stay there more than 6 months, maybe it is best that you do another research on this. But if below that, this is most likely it!

Hope this helps!


  1. Hi there sis! Just what I really needed! I would like to contact you and ask more about this because we are planning to go back home soon. Can I get an email address where I can contact you soon please?
    many many thanks! :) - Sheryll

    1. Thanks for dropping by ms Sheryll. I am not sure how I can help out more as these informations are basically the only things I know too. But you can email me at: Happy planning on your vacation soon! :)

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