Saturday, February 23, 2013

School Registration

After browsing thru the list of schools that was given to you by the Alien Office (Ausländerbehörde), you can go ahead and either give them a call or check online if they have a website for the preferred time in visiting them in person.

Upon arriving, they will ask for the following:
1. your Passport
2. your Residence Permit ID card
3. the forms given to you by the Alien Office (Ausländerbehörde)
  -- if you are unsure which one, you can bring all with you.

They will give you a written exam (actually, more like a proficiency test) followed by a short interview about yourself (also to check how well is your German). There is no failing mark here, so do not worry much. Based on these, they will recommend what is best for you. 

After all that, they will give you your schedule for your class, how long it will take to finish the course & other useful informations. 

This is all for now. Good luck & Happy Learning!


  1. hello I would like to ask if is there any possibilities that you can take A1 language after there interview's to you??.. what if in some cases that they don't have an A1 examination here but they passed and live in Germany but no knowledge about the German language, do they have a chance to take an A1 German language class??

    1. Hello Belle & thank you for dropping by.
      No worries and they all provide A1 classes. If you are already here in Germany and the alien office (Ausländerbehörde)do not require you to present an A1 certificate anymore - most likely the school will just advice you to finish upto B1 & get the B1 certificate. (you will study A2 but will not be taking the exam as it is not needed). Hope it helps! Good luck! :)