Friday, March 9, 2012

Claiming my CFO Sticker

Congratulation & your most awaited Passport with Visa is in your hands. It's time to get your CFO sticker! What is CFO? What were my experience in attending the CFO seminar? Just click on the questions for the link.

As reminder, do research on the topics I wrote in this blog, before heading to the respective agencies out there. For one, there might be new updates might need or no longer need requirements and the likes. A good example right now is about the CFO being just beside the DFA office in Cebu as I mention in my previous blog. Yes, I went back to Cebu for the sticker. Just recently, the DFA moved to a different address already, although the CFO still at the same location.

Anyway, going back -- This is what you need to bring with you:

1. your passport with Visa
-- photocopy your Identification page in your passport (the one with picture) & your visa page.

2. Ballpen
-- they will ask you to fill up a form. Information needed are similar to what the CFO seminar ask for.

3. Your green copy CFO certificate
-- they will attach this to your passport.

Just wait for them to process it and viola! You now have your CFO sticker affixed to your passport.

Do double check the name printed on the sticker.

Happy weekend!!!

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