Monday, November 21, 2011

Destination Wedding

After the posting period is done, you can claim your Marriage License Application Form and all its attachment from the City Civil Registrar on where you filed your application. This is the time where you can submit it to the person who will solemnize your wedding.

On our case, my fiancee is Christian while I am Roman Catholic in religion. We planned for a beach wedding and have a Christian reverent to bless our wedding. We gave him all the papers from the Registrar Office along with an invitation card (for the spelling of your Godparents or the Ninong-Ninang as we locally call them) and a letter requesting to have the wedding on our choice of venue.

They will copy the contents of your Marriage License Application Form and will print them on a Marriage License which you will use on your wedding day. Your Godparents will be listed as your 'Witness'. In the Philippine Law, you just needed 2 witness that is of legal age. However, there is no citation on the maximum number of witnesses. Irregardless of number of pairs, they will  all symbolize as your second parents and maybe the people whom you will go to when seeking wisdom. Anyway, it is important that you proofread the said document as this is the one which you will submit to the Registrar Office.

You're done! Have a happy wedding!


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