Friday, November 4, 2011

Marriage License Application Requirements

I would recommend that you go to your Cityhall to get the requirements in applying for the Marriage License. It is case-to-case basis and may have slight differences on which paper is needed to be submitted. On my case: both me and my German fiance are single, above 26 years old, and the wedding will be solemnize by a Christian Pastor. The following are the requirement ask from us:

--PH Partner--
1. NSO Birth Certificate
3. Barangay Certificate
4. Cedula
--German Partner--
1. Passport
-- Photocopy of the first page (containing his information) and the arrival date page (most recent)
2. Consular Certificate of the Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage
-- His Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage will serve as an attachment
3. Birth Certificate
-- with a translation of it
1. Pre-Marriage Counseling Seminar's Certificate of Attendance
2. Pre-Marriage Counseling Certificate from the solemnizing church

Bring all your documents both original and photocopies with you to the Registrar Office. So sorry and I was not able to list down the number of photocopies needed. Some documents needed 2 photocopies while some only 1. Have the person-in-charge double check your documents. They will type all your information to a Marriage License Application form and will ask you to proofread it. This is the time to correct them incase there is something misspelled. If its complete: They will stamp this and will ask the City Government Department Head of the City Civil Registrar office to interview you and sign it. Then you are done!

They will put up a notice about you marrying and this will be posted for 10 - 12 days including  Saturdays and Sundays. You just need to go back to get the Marriage License which will be used for your wedding ceremony.

The fee that we paid to have everything processed is 2,400php.

Hope it helps! Good luck and Congratulation!

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