Friday, November 4, 2011

Pre-Marriage Counseling

One of the requirement for the application of the Marriage License is to obtain a Certificate of Attendance from a Pre-Marriage Seminar. This will be conducted by authorized counselor/s accredited by the Commission on Population and City Government of where your PH counterpart lives in.

Like others, I did try to wiggle out of this. I rationalize that the seminar will not be in English dialect ( in other words: my foreign partner will not understand much of the seminar anyway). I was more than willing to pay than spend my time at the seminar. I did got some offer and it was outrageous! It was only later that I realize that the seminar was not so bad after all, and was relief to know I save tons of money on it. You see, I only paid 100php which is good for you and your partner already.

The said seminar only took half a day and the topics discussed range from responsible parenthood to psychological readiness in facing problems as a couple. If you ask me, save your money and go attend that seminar with your partner. Anyway, you can cuddle all you want in there and no one will mind you. *wink*


  1. Hi my fiance and i are waiting for our birth cert,cenomar etc., while waiting can we attend the pre marriage seminar? thanks!

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      As far as I remember, you can attend the seminar without the necessary documents with you. They will just ask for the receipt (payment), and they will have a mini interview with the both of you (where you met, how long you know each other, etc). So actually, the only requirement they ask is that both of you should be there (no proxy). Incase for changes of rules, you can go ahead to your cityhall and ask them of this.

      But normally, this is the last requirement that couples do mainly because right after the Counseling, you can go ahead and file for your Marriage License right away.

      Congrats to the both of you and good luck! :)