Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clothing to Bring

My sincere apology for the delay. As you may guess, I am now in Germany & have been busy. What's my experiences during the trip is a story I will post in another time. Stay tuned! At the moment, I would like to discuss ''clothing''. What you should bring with you.

1. Jacket
-- at least bring one (1) that you felt is thick enough for the cold weather. Even on a sunny day, the wind is still somewhat cold.
-- light jackets can be useful for spring and autumn seasons. Bring two (2) or more as you wish.

2. Top
-- forget about the shirt or blouse made of thin materials. Chances of being able to use them is slim.
-- do bring several long sleeves, turtle necks, knitted wears, hoodies or T shirts that suits your taste.

3. Bottom
-- do bring several jeans, jogging pants, and the likes with you.
-- skirts of thick material is optional.
-- if you are used to wear shorts at home, you can bring some with you.

4. Shoes
-- do bring sport shoes or sneakers with you. You can wear them on the day you fly to Germany. Make sure that your toes can move inside your shoes.
-- if you are a flipflop lover like myself: at most, bring only one (1) flipflop for the summer seasons. Let's be practical.
-- other close shoes you can't simply leave behind. Hey, I'm a girl too and can understand you! But don't over do it and you can still buy some pairs in Germany too.

5. Others
-- undergarments or underwears. Bring several.
-- socks. Bring at least six (6) pairs of sport socks (the very thick ones) and 6 (six) pairs of normal socks. Bring more esp. if you are not used to cool climates. Knee-high socks are optional.
-- gloves and earmuffs are optional esp. if you are arriving on autumn or spring seasons.
-- caps, hats and beanies. Bring some if you have. This is also optional.

Please take note that you just need to make sure that all your clothing can last upto a week. Either way, you will go shopping for your other necessities when you come here in Germany.

Enjoy packing!

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