Sunday, May 6, 2012

My airline-of-choice to Germany

There are several airlines with different stop-over destination from Philippines going to Germany. It is best that you take the time to research on what is best for you. For this topic, I will be discussing about the airline I rode going to Germany. Please be reminded that I am not representing the airline company  or any company in that matter. I am  not getting  any payment to write this blog. This is all based on my personal experiences. Kindly read my  Blog disclaimers. For those who are still interested, please read on.

Gate 5
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Manila, Philipppines
And so without further ado, our airline-of-choice is **drumrolls** Emirates. The stop over is at Dubai airport. This is 9 hours non-stop flight from Manila, Philippines. If you are arriving in Dubai and your first available connection flight is more than 8 hours and less than 24 hours, the airline Emirates will give you a voucher for a free complimentary airport hotel stay. For further informations regarding this, you can check the Emirates official websites. Or check your airline-of-choice's official website for similar offers.

Please take note that the free hotel varies and is dependent on what kind of tickets you are holding: first class, business class or economy. The better seats you have, the better hotel they will provide you. You must be wondering how the free hotel works upon arrival... so read on.

Emirates Economy screen
Upon reaching Dubai airport, proceed to the Emirates help desk that you can go to. Present them with your passport and the voucher. They will give you instructions what to do next.

Since I am holding a Philippine passport (needs visa to enter Dubai ... the hotel is outside the airport), I was ask to do 2 things before heading for the Immigration counter area:

1. Go to the bank located at the airport arrival ground
-- Give them your passport and hotel voucher. They will stamp and will redirect you to another counter to have your eyes scanned.

2. Have my eye scanned.
-- This is not frieky as it sound. There is a long counter which have 2 lines seperated by gender. They will scan your passport information then will ask you to sit down and look into their eye scanner. After this they will stamp and signed your voucher. Now you can move to the Immigration area.

The immigration officer will get the original copy of your voucher and will stamp & signed your passport. It's time to head to the Emirates lounge to ride the free shuttle to the hotel. For economy class, the hotel is Millenium Airport Hotel. This is just a few minutes ride to and from the airport.
hotel room

What about our luggages? We do not need to worry about our bags & they are tagged to be picked up at Germany. Anyway, going back to the topic: The hotel room is clean and comfortable. It have a flat screen TV and a bathtub. Not bad for a free hotel. Free breakfast are also provided ... though, we did not get to try it anymore.

I am now signing off with 2 pictures taken from the Dubai airport: (1)the jaw dropping beautiful oasis ; and (2) the beautiful  enormous waterfall which drops water 3 storey high (yes, both inside the airport). Nice, right?

This is all for now. Wishing for those who are flying for a safe trip!

Bon voyage!!!

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