Friday, May 4, 2012

Flying from Manila Airport to Germany

Here we go ... here we go ... here we go!!! Take a deep breath and here we go!

With international flight, it is ideal that you show up 3 hours before your flight or earlier. Hey, your tickets does not come in cheap... so be on time! The worst that can ever happen is that the check-in counter closes on you and that you need to buy new tickets on your expense. Ouch! 

My flight was through NAIA terminal 1 in Manila. I showed up 5 hours ahead of my schedule flight. It was an afternoon flight and the airport is packed with many passengers. After subjecting to security check up, I realized that my airline-of-choice has not open a check-in counter yet. That's alright and I rather be stuck waiting inside the airport lobby than stuck in a traffic jam. Along with other passengers of the same airline, I waited patiently.

I wore jogging pants with a 3/4 long sleeves shirt with a comfortable rubbershoes. I have a thick hoody in my check-in trolley bag. (Please check your airline-of-choice's measurement of the check-in bags and allowable weight as they are very strict regarding this). Remember that COMFORT is more important than fashion.

There are 2 things I needed to pay:

1. Travel Tax
This you can pay at the MIAA (Manila International Airport Authority) counter located at the airport lobby with the following rates:
a. 1,620php for Filipinos who are not permanent residents abroad. This is what I payed.
b.  810php for Filipinos aged 2 - 12 years old who are not permanent residents abroad.
c.  200php for Infants below 2 years old & for Filipinos permanent residents abroad.

You can also check the MIAA official website for more information.

2. Terminal Fee of 550php
This new fee started only this February 1, 2012 but may increase again soon according to the local media. The previous fee is 750php. Better bring more money, just in case.

Another long line awaits you at the Immigration Counter. They will check on your passport for the valid visa & CFO stickers. They will also take a look at your plane ticket & maybe interview you a little. When you are cleared, the officer will stamp & sign your passport. You can go ahead now to your assigned gate number (also printed on your boarding pass). You can go shopping too if you like at the duty free area, though I felt they are only limited selections.

You should be fine from here. Have a good journey ahead of you!!!

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