Monday, August 15, 2011

My Start Deutsch A1 Exam Result

It was such a nail biting week while waiting for the result. I was not confident and I knew I could/should have done better. Just think how happy I was when I receive a phone call from my teacher informing me of the Good News? Yes, I passed the exam! Yey! I know I still have a long way to go but at the moment, please allow me to savor this happiness.hehehe.
The Envelope carrying the Good News!

You have the option to have your Start Deutsch A1 Certificate delivered to your home. They will use a local courier to deliver it at your door step. With mine, I have them (Goethe Manila) send it to my teacher at school. This is how she found out that I passed. She get to teased me first too but I did not mind and I was jumping in joy at the end. hehe. 

Deutsch A1 Certificate

I have to be honest with you: I was sad after my exam because I knew I did not do well. I was fearful in fact and was hoping that time that I get the passing mark which is 60%. So yes, I am happy to get a grade more than that. But after the mixed emotion settled in, I started to have regret feelings and thought that I could have done better. Just incase you have the same feelings when its your time: I would like to remind you that irregardless if you get a 99 or a 60 passing mark, that the important thing is that you got the certificate. And anyway, had we not made it, we would only wish that we at least reach the cut off passing grade. :)

To those who passed, Congratulation! And for those who will have their exam soon, Good luck!!!


  1. Hi ! Congratulations! May i ask if there's an expiration of the certificate? Thank u in advance! ;)

    1. Hi Sparkling Venus and thank you for dropping by.
      The certificate itself do not have any expiration, however, German Embassy requires the certificate to be not more than a year. With this, the answer is YES, there is an expiration.
      Hope it helps! Good luck! :)

  2. Hello, I will be taking the exam this April . I am very nervous of what would be the result,..I do self study and we do lessons, with my fiance online.. I have finished the first book ” Schritte ” and working on the second book now…
    I don’t know if I can pass the exam coz I can understand German sentences but I can’t speak fluently…. please give me advise as I really feel like I still need more time to learn German but we want to be together as soon as possible!!!!
    Thank you….


    1. Hello Julius dela cruz,
      Please accept my apology for the late reply. Is your exam over?
      I hope you did well. Do not worry about the speaking part and they understand that you are A1 category, so they do not expect you to come out with perfect sentences. Answers of ''ja'' or ''nein'' when it is applicable is accepted. Be sure to memorize your introduction. And be familiar with common items as there is a portion where they will show you pictures and you need to make a sentence with the object in your sentence. Don't worry too much about the der die das at this point and they will not use this against you.

      good luck and I hope you have a good news to share with me next time! :)