Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Day of my A1 Deutschkurs

My, my. How time flies by. I have a silly grin on my face as I re-read about my first day in class experience. Yesterday (August 03) was our last day in school. There was lot of picture taking going on before and after the class. Overall, my German class experience was awesome. I truly have a good time & happy to gain good friends. We all be seeing each other again this weekend: for our Start Deutsch 1 examination. (dun-dun-duun).

The things to bring for the Examination:

1. Passport
-- Its a strictly 'No Passport No Exam' policy.
-- You can present an original copy of your NBI clearance if your passport not available.
Note: With NBI clearance they will allow you to take the exam but you need to present your original Passport in getting your Certificate.

2. Black Ballpen (at least 2)
-- The last thing you wanted is in between your exam, the ballpen stop writing. Eeeks!

3. Jacket (optional)
-- Just incase its too cold for you.

To all who are taking the exams: Good luck!!!

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