Sunday, August 7, 2011

Start Deutsch A1 Exam -- My Experience

Finally my examination is over. I have been worried about it the whole week. As most did, I also went to ask around to the people who took the exams before and passed. I was reassured over and over again that it is easy. Nevertheless, I continue what a good student would do: STUDY! And now, its my time to share my own experience:

Our Exam Information
A week before the examination, Goethe Manila will send you an email about the where to held the examination. They will also include the schedules. You will be numbered according to your Surname's first letter that is arrange alphabetically. For the written exam, your sitting arrangement will be strategically placed in a room full of long tables having 2 chairs in it. For the oral exam, we were group together by 4 based on the attendance list.

Please arrive at least an hour earlier than your schedule examination with your Passport or NBI clearance.
-- No Passport or original NBI clearance =  no exam
-- If you arrive late = no exam
-- No exam = no second chances = no refund of your money

Greeting us at the Entrance
Not to scare anyone who read this, but I really have a hard time with my written exam. Specifically the listening part. After the exam, I really feel stupid and I was very disappointed with myself. I only realize that the exam was really difficult when everyone suddenly comment on how hard the exam was. But this does not ease my worry on passing the examination or not. Suddenly, the most important thing now is to get that passing grade of 60%. After all, its the certificate we really need irregardless what grade is printed on it.

During the Oral exam, the proctor will tell her instructions in German. I was smiling thru out because I did understand every word she said. It send such a good vibration. I portray myself very confident but in reality: I knew I made some mistakes. I did find the situation funny. lol.

So now it boils down to this: Waiting for the result. Hoping its good news! It will be 10 days or earlier a bit before we know who made it and not. I am planning to do my CFO seminar in the mean time and I will update you guys about it. This is all for now.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Some of your batch mate might attempt to cheat and will try to convince you to "help" them. Please do yourself a favor and protect yourself -- do no such thing. Never mind if this stranger get mad at you. If you get caught of cheating or 'helping' this person, you are risking your own exam result. The penalty is that they forfeit your exam. I do not think its worth it, do you? Just my two cents.


  1. Hello,
    I am just really worried about the exam, I just studied for a month and a half 5 times a week 3 hours a day. My exam is coming really soon but I dont know if I have enough knowledge. Any tips on what aspect I should focus on? Thank you and have a nice day.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Out of the 4 criteria: it's the writing & the oral comprehension you should watch out for.

      If you are attending formal schooling, you have nothing to worry about & they will give you enough exercises for you to work on. If you are doing self-study, you can check online for sample exams.

      At least for the writing part, you need to know when to be formal (Sie) or informal (du). While for the speaking part, you just need to master your introduction (they will give you a guide, do not worry) & with the response: ja oder nein is considered good answers (if only applicable to the situation).

      Good luck on your exam!!! :)

    2. Wow that helps a lot! Thank you so much! , :-)