Friday, May 27, 2011

Start Deustch 1 Examination

Only Goethe Institut Manila is recognized by the German Embassy to conduct the A1 Deutsch Exam. You can check their schedules for Manila and Cebu and will be conducted 2-3 examinees. To register, you will need to bring the following:

1. original and photocopy of your passport
2. passport photo
3. completely filled up Exam Registration Form
4. Examination fee or proof of payment
** According to my teacher, the examination in Cebu will cost around 7,500php. This sound very pricey if you compare this in Manila. This is so because you actually shoulder the air fare of the examiner(s), the place where they will stay and the rental for the conference room during the exam.

Just to give you an overview, these are the categories of the said examination:

I. Written Exam

1. Listening Comprehension
-- you will listen to short texts and should be able to extract relevant informations:
a. everyday conversation
b. public announcements
c. private and official telephone announcements

2. Reading Comprehension
-- you will read short texts and should be able to extract relevant informations:
a. notes or small advertisements
b. information signs
c. posters

3. Writing Comprehension
-- you will be given some pieces of information used to:
a. answer a fill-in-the-blank data forms
b. write a short personal message in forms of email or letter

II. Oral Exam

1. Self-presentation
2. ask for and provide informations
3. ask for favours and respond

The passing grade is 60%

Do you feel the excitement? I feel it too!!! :)

Good luck on your exam!


  1. Hello po.. ask ko lang if theres a possibilities na may exception of this
    Basic German language exam???..

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      Thank you for your question. I was told by a friend that if you have a German baby by your partner already that they do make exemptions. However, with a child or not: I strongly recommend you to take the Basic German Language back home. This gives you a home-court advantage: if you have questions -- you can still ask in your native tongue about it for clarification. Your A1 knowledge will be the backbone of your German language once you start to go to school here in Germany to complete your Deutschkurs. Our English skills will not be a much of a help once you are already here as majority of the people do not speaks or understands English. Good luck! :)