Friday, May 27, 2011

My first day in School Exp

Today is my first day in school. My sister who is a makeup artist was giving me that "day look" right after lunch. My class schedule begins at 2pm and ends at 5pm. At least the make up session kept me distracted until the driver came in the office to drive and drop me off my school.

The teacher and some of my classmates were already there. The air conditioner is nice against the hot weather outside and the room were sparkling clean. There was a German flag with a seal on the middle displayed near the white board. And a lot of pictures scrapbook styled display on the walls giving the place a roomy feel. The tables were arranged like a letter "U". I was hoping to be able to sit at the middle, but it was already taken. So, I settled down on the corner nearest to the door. I mentally count how many we were -- 6. But one of my classmates inform us as if she read my mind that we are actually 10 people in the batch. It was a good thing I bring along my 'bag hanger' rather than have my bag stuffed behind my back (there's a good tip).

 I came in prepared and arranged my stuffs on my desk:

-- black ballpen
-- red ballpen
-- mechanical pencil
-- eraser
-- notebook

 It was time to start although other classmates have not arrived yet. The teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Seidenschwarz, then started the lesson by asking us to give her a german word. I suddenly have a mental block and blurted out: "Hallo". The situation is so comical that we all laugh same time. "Come on people ... give me another German word!" she said, "how about 'I love you' in German?" And this is where I redeemed myself: Ich liebe dich! (yey!).

Somewhere in between our lessons, 2 more students arrived. So my last counting is 8.

Anyway, the teacher is really good. We started to talk in german after an hour. My head was spinning with joy and an inner voice was screaming: "oh my God, you guys talking in German na!" Time do fly so fast and by the time I feel thirsty for more: it was time to pack up and go home (what! already???). Our class ended at 5:15pm. Our next meeting is Monday. And I never thought the day come when I wish its already Monday. lol.

Happy weekend!

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