Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Affidavits & Authentications Issues

There are 3 common Affidavit that are used for marriage purposes here in the Philippines:
1. Affidavit of Civil Status (singleness)
- written by your parents or close relative.
- basically this is a sworn affidavit testifying that you are single and free from any law to marry your husband-to-be.

2. Affidavit of Parental Advice 
- only needed when you are aged 21- 25 years old. You do not need this if you are older than 25 years old.
- this is a sworn statement from your parents or guardians that you have their blessings to marry your husband-to-be.

3. Affidavit of Parental Consent
- only needed when you are aged 18-20 years old
- this is a sworn statement from your parents or guardians that they know and allow you to marry your husband-to-be.

After obtaining the documents, you have 3 more steps to go:

1. Have the affidavit notorized
- Affidavit documents are just papers unless they are notorized by a lawyer.
- My mom was requested to present an ID containing her picture and signature. She presented her Philippine Passport.
- The lawyer should have it stamped and signed for.
- I forgot how much the fee for this, but I am sure it was around 300php or less.

2. Have the notorized affidavit authenticated by the Regional Trial Court (RTC)
- The Executive Judge will certify that the attorney who have your affidavit notorized is indeed a real Notary Public and is authorized to do so.
- The certificate will have the Executive Judge's signature and will have a seal on it.
- The authentication fee only cost 50php.
- I got it on the same day when I filed it.

3. Bring both documents and the RTC authentication receipt to DFA for Authentication
- DFA stands for Department of Foreign Affair. Their Authentication Certificate is recognized all over the world.
- DFA Authentication and the "Red Ribbon" is one and the same.
- The DFA Authentication Officer will certify that the Executive Judge is appointed and qualified to certify the Notorized Affidavits. The certification is printed on a SECPA where they will affixed a seal and red ribbon with the Authentication Officer's signature on it. Your other documents will serve as attachments.

Since I live in the province, I have the courier DHL authenticated it for me. DHL is the official courier of DFA. They will NOT accept your papers unless its complete. The processing time is around 14 working days. They charge me 325php for the Affidavit of Civil Status inclusive of delivering it to my doorstep.

Hope it helps. Good luck!

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