Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Intro -- My First Post

The Purpose

My reason in creating this blog is primarily to vent out my stress. Late last year, my german boyfriend proposed to me. And here I am right now: juggling between my wedding preparations and paperworks battle. Don't get me wrong and I am very happy. It just that the situation calls for a scapegoat to cope. And this is my way of coping.

I am not a lawyer or expert in terms of paper matters. Please read my Disclaimer. I just plan to share my personal experiences in hope along the way I get to gain new friends, share insights or exchange ideas and opinions that may somehow help other people too. The situation seems less scary when you have someone to talk to who also undergo what you are going through. 

The Inspiration

In 2008, there was this Filipina who married a German and who was kind enough to impart her personal experiences with the paperworks online: Pinoy in Germany. It was well detailed and well explained.(Thanks girl!) Her last post is in 2009, but up-to-date, her blog still gain alot of regular visitors. I am one of them.

Again and again, she reminded the readers to check and double check the requirements needed for the paperworks for possible additional requirements or some changes. She is correct and there are some changes, although minor. So, this is my turn to remind you that when you are about to do your own paperworks to check and double check the requirements. And that the best person to ask regarding your special situation is the German Embassy (or the Embassy of your partner's origin).

The Scope and The Limitation

My situation is that I am still in the Philippines. I am not married to my german boyfriend yet (although engaged). I am just beginning to do my paperworks needed in marriage. Our initial plan is to marry first in the Philippines, then later on, have another wedding in Germany. In this way, both sides of the family have the chance to attend our special moments. Both me and my boyfriend are single, older than age 26 and have no children. I can only tell you what I know from my experiences, and can share some unsolicited advices from various people. To reiterate, I am not a lawyer or an expert with these matters. 

The Message

So yes, welcome to my blog. I am just like you who is doing some homework / research on how to be with the man you love who happen to live on a different country. I know how difficult a long distance relationship is, and how difficult to deal with someone who was raised very differently from you. However, I also have an idea how fruitful it can be when it works out. For those who are "been there done that", congratulation! For the curious onlookers, neophyte (just like me) and the likes, all aboard please!