Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Passport Authenticated by the Embassy

How to do it?

1. Have your information side of your Passport (the one where your picture and signature is located) photocopied. Make sure that the copy is clear.
2. Go to the German Embassy and tell them you wanted it authenticated as requested by your partner's Civil Registry.
** You need to go in person.

German Embassy in the Philippines
Currently, there are 2 German Embassy in the Philippines:
1. German Embassy in Manila
2. German Embassy in Cebu

I had my passport authenticated in German Embassy in Cebu. The photocopy I had was not as clear, so they had my passport scanned & printed instead (for free too -- it was nice of them). The Honorary Consul had it stamped and signed for. I got it less than 30 minutes. The passport authentication cost me 310php. But I was told that their standard rate is in euro (sorry, did not get to ask how much exactly) and that they follow the current exchange rate. However, all payments are in pesos. So the fee is more or less around that.

Hope it helps!


  1. had my passport authenticated in German Embassy Manila last Friday. It cost me Php 620 and could get it after 2 working days. :( I can no longer take leave from my work, so I had it delivered to my office for another Php160 and received it just today (Wednesday)

    1. Hi Anonymous and thank you for sharing your experiences.
      Gosh, the price doubled since I had my passport authenticated (2011). Either that or the exchange rate from Euro to Php have a significant increase... !!!
      Anyway, at least one document less to worry for you.
      Thank you for the update and well appreciated!! :)

  2. hi, can i ask? im from Mindanao.. do i need appointment to German embassy to have the passport authentication? and where can i get the affidavit of civil status? TY

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I am from Mindanao too. :)
      I went to German Embassy Cebu and did not need to make an appointment for the passport authentication. Just show up with a clear photocopy of you passport (with your passport of course).
      As for the affidavit of civil status, this can be written by your parents or guardian. You need to have this notorized by a lawyer. Some people I know stops here and just went ahead to the good consul for translating it to German. My process have extra trip to the Regional Trial Court & then to DFA for authentication (or Red Ribbon as some calls it). To have a complete overview/guide about this, kindly re-direct yourself to my page titled as "Affidavits & Authentications Issues" (published on May 2011).
      Hope this helps! Good luck!!!

    2. thank so much for the information its help me lot.. one more thing before i need to translate my document it is already authenticated by DFA? or i need to translate it first before authentication?

      Thank you

    3. Hi again Mari,
      If your document needed to be authenticated by the DFA: then you need to do this first before you have your documents translated (Authentication first then translate). Hope this helps! Good luck! :)

  3. Hello to, ask Lang po if ano PA po ibang papers na kailangan sa pagpa-authenticate ng passport? Passport lng po ba?

    1. Hi. documents being requested for authentication are case-to-case basis. It is better that you refer to the requirements given to you and your German partner by the Standesamt.