Sunday, May 29, 2011

Headset for Voice Chats

Learning German is a mixture of fun and difficulty. My Husband-to-be (H2B) wanted to help me train by means of voice chatting. I happily went to the nearest CDR-king, one of the largest gadget store in the Philippines (over 100 branch nationwide) who showcase budget goods that are made in China. How cheap is cheap? I brought my headset there for only 120php. But like any cheap product, you can only expect poor performance. The microphone of the headset stop working after a day. Sure, it has a week warranty -- but you see, to have it exchange ... I needed to fall in line usually taking at least 30 minutes before its your turn. And what can they exchange it for? Of course another 120php worth of headset. So yes, I did not bother went back to have it exchange. This is a good way to burn money?

My H2B ordered me to go shopping (yeah! I like the sound of that! Marrying the right guy huh?) and to find the time to buy a decent headset (there's the catch!). So I head to the mall with my sister's family for some eating and shopping. I actually ask my brother-in-law to shop the headset for me. Being a computer noob, I knew he would find a better choice. I was not mistaken!

He got me a *drum roll* Plantronics Audio 326 from Octogon Computer Superstore.  You can imagine my eyes starts to sparkle when I saw it, esp. when I saw that it was specifically made for music and games, voice talk, video conference and voice recording.Good marketing strategy? It is covered with a 3 months warranty by the Octogon store and another 7 months warranty by the maker itself. And this cost only 895php. Good deal ha?

I tried it and was delighted how clear the sound is. The head set is feather weight and does not strain my ears. So if you are looking for a good headset, the brand Plantronics is something worth checking out!

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