Thursday, May 26, 2011

Culture Shock Germany (Book)

This book by Richard Lord is a MUST read esp. for those who is planning to live in Germany. It gives you a good overview of their culture, belief, basic laws, and glimpse of their everyday life through the view of an expatiate. It also give you insights and tips on what to do on situational blunder and how to cope up with the everyday fast life of the Germans. Best of all, this will help you understand the German traits and maybe help you understand your partner's wellbeing,

This is also an essential book for tourists who are planning to stay in Germany for 2 weeks and so. Or for individuals who are curious about the culture and way of living in Germany.

My copy is a birthday gift actually. I thought it was a good gift. You can get your copy at National Bookstore branches, Power Books and other leading bookstore usually under Travel section. If I am not mistaken, the retail price of this is less than 500php.

Happy Reading!

P.S. Culture Shock is a series of book written by expatiates who first hand observe, explore and enjoy a certain country or culture. There is a Culture Shock Philippines available as well. Maybe a good gift for your love ones. Just an idea. :)

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