Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Couriers versus Registered Mail

I must admit at the very beginning, I was planning to send all my documents via PhilPost (Philippine Postal Office) with the main reason that its cheaper. The Estimated time of Arrival (ETA) is 3 weeks from the province to Germany. Later on, I opted for courier services even if its x2 in price. One of the nice thing about this is that you can track your documents online. I would say that it was a good move and I did become anxious and jumpy over the documents. Hence, to cope up with the stress, this blog was born!

Anyway, I did hear horror story with Philpost: after a month, the documents still hasn't arrive yet. You can imagine how hopping mad both the involved couple are. Yaiks! I actually don't know how the ending went, or what really happen. But I guess you got my warning. :)

To send documents via courier, they actually differ from country to country and city to city. Just to give you ideas on how much are the rates, I will share to you the 2 courier to whom I canvas with:

1. FedEx Express
- They quoted 2,400php.
- ETA: 1-2 working days from Cebu to Germany
- They provide outer envelope for the documents.

2. OCS (Overseas Courier Service)
- This is my courier of choice.
- I payed 1,850php
- ETA: 3-4 working days from Cebu to Germany
- They did not provide any outer envelope for the documents. I just placed them in a long brown envelope.

I was told that DHL & UPS costs much more. But then, it never hurts to ask than just believe hearsays.

Hope it helps!

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