Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday Best: 2nd day in School

For some reasons, I always dislike Monday. Even when I started to work, Monday is always the rush hour of my week. But yesterday's Monday is different. I was excited and thirsty to learn more german words. I found myself in our classroom an hour earlier than starting time. I eagerly inspect the pictures on the wall and the several maps of Germany inside the classroom. One by one, my classmates arrived. I have  a great time listening to their love stories about their german husband/boyfriend. And was delighted to find out that one of them is heading to the same city where I am heading too. Yey!

 So far, we are 9 now in the batch -- we have a new classmate who just arrived recently: the thorn of the roses -- our only guy in the class.  He was stranded in his town's pier as there was an ongoing strong typhoon over the week end. This is why he didn't get to attend the first day. The good thing about him is that he is a fast learner. Imagine from our first day: 3 hours lesson all jam packed for less than 30 minutes (it serve as a reviewer). So, as much as possible, it is a must to attend each class on time.

This is all for now. Going to review now for tomorrow's rumble! 'Til next time!

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