Friday, May 27, 2011

German Language Required or Not?

As pre-requisite to Marriage Visa and/or Family Reunion Visa: an applicant needs to have an evidence of basic knowledge on the German Language. This simply means that you need to pass a standardized exam which they refer as "Deutsch A1 exam" given by the Goethe Institut Manila. In return for passing, you will be given a certificate: Start Deutsch A1.  The exam schedules are held monthly, although they also offer scheduled examination in Cebu.

For the longest time, I read online debates on whether you need to take the exam or not. It used to be that when you hold at least a 4-years course University or College degree that you get exempted from this requirement. But the global competition grew and now: you need to take and pass that exam whether you are a degree holder or not. This new ruling was published in 2007.

In my humble opinion, learning the language to pass the exam is more of an advantage than an disadvantage. Germany is a solid deutsch speaking country. Even the last rank-and-file employee need to be deustch literate. In fact, you are required by law to take more deutsch language courses upon entering Germany (and before entering, you do need to pass the Deutsch A1 exam first).

Whether you take courses offered by German Language School or opted to do self study is really your decision entirely. I read stories about some who did not take formal training and yet passed the exam. And some, who did took the formal training but needed to take again because did not make it. The bottomline is you need to study.

The knowledge of the German Language will help boost up your self esteem, so yeah: no worries... it's a good thing! Happy learning!!!

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