Friday, May 27, 2011

German School in Cebu

If you read my previous blogs, you would know by now that I went to Cebu City to do my paperworks. Since I am here: I also enrolled myself into a German School: Treffpunkt Deutsch Cebu. This is conveniently located in Foodland Building, Banilad Cebu (just walking distance from the German Embassy Cebu). The building is complete with parking space, security guards and have establishments nearby such as korean hair salon, restaurants, banks, mall, gasoline station just to name a few. If you plan to take public transportation: no problem and abundant taxi and jeepney rides passes by the street. I did say its convenient right?

The rate for the German Class is 25,200php with the following breakdown:
Registration fee          500php
2 books to be used  2,900php
Tuition fee              21,800php

This may sound pricey but worth a shot as the school have a high percentage of its student passing the exam. Goethe Institut Manila rate is around 4,000php cheaper, best take it there if you live in Manila area. But for those people who live in other neighboring provinces (such as myself), this seem to be a good deal in the long run. Consider the expenses of a round plane tickets, food and lodging in Makati (where the school is located which happens to be the business district in Manila -- hint: not cheap!), time stuck in traffic (oh yes, its everyday business there) and so on. So yes, think it over.

Incase you did plan to study in Cebu, but have no place to stay: fear not and the teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Seidenschwarz of Treffpunkt Deutsch Cebu, can refer you to a boarding house which is only 3-5 minutes by foot going to the school. I was told that its nice there: cheap, clean and safe. There is an internet coffee shop on the ground floor, as well as canteen, study room and big living room on the ground floor for guests. For a room of 4 persons inside: it costs only 1,500php per person plus 1,500php as deposit. The deposit will be given back to you when you leave. I also know that they have private rooms but cost a bit more. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact rate for this kind of room.

Hope it helps!


  1. hi maam/sir
    after taking the basic german language, in cebu can i also file my visa application in german embassy that is located in cebu? so that i dont have to go to manila? looking for your reply, as i am planning to study basic german by june

    1. Hello. sorry for the late reply.
      Visa application can only be done in German Embassy Manila.
      Other services such as translation of documents (birth certificate or so) can be done in Cebu. Hope this help. Good luck with your studies!

    2. Hi.. I'd like to know how much you spent for the translation of your documents.. just an estimate would help me a lot!...

    3. Hello Mr Brokovich,
      Thank you for dropping by.
      Translation of documents depends on what kind of document it is and how many pages it is. This is also dependent on what is the current exchange rate. To give you an idea, in 2011 I spend around 5,600php. For the breakdown of documents that I have translated those time, kindly check this link:

      Hope it helps. Good luck!

  2. it is helping me in every single way... are you now in germany??? hopefully I get to see you. so that I will have a friend!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words (& my apologies for a super delay reply).
      Yes, living in Germany right now. Please drop me a note if you have any other questions. :)
      Good luck to you!!! :)